History of Tuyo ES

Tuyo Elementary School is located in Brgy.Tuyo, City of Balanga. It’s name is said to be came from misunderstanding between a Filipino and a Spanish. There was a time in this place when El Niño strikes and the natives in this land seek help to the Spaniard Leaders. When a representative went to this place and ask what’s the name of this land, the natives just said “Tuyo” pertaining to their plants and crops that withered because of the El Niño Phenomenon not knowing what the meaning of the question that the Spaniards just said. After that incident, the General gave help and it is address to “Tuyo” and from that time, it became the official name of this barangay.  The school has a total land area of 5,000 sq. m. which was donated by Mr. Feleoteo T. Banzon some 44 years ago. It is bounded by barangay Capitangan on the northern portion, barangay Sibacan on the eastern portion, barangay Ibayo on the southern portion and Montilla on the western portion